3 Social Media Trends That Will Take Over 2017

Blog_Post_012016 was a blast for the social media industry as it saw a whole lot of changes like several new features, consumer preferences, and brand opportunities, etc. And now we expect so much from 2017! We are looking forward to social media trends that will continue to evolve and surprise us!

While it’s simply impossible to predict the oh-so-dynamic social media and how the social media marketing landscape will change over the course of a year, we’re here to your rescue! Following are the social media trends that you should keep an eye on in 2017:

  • Popularity for Artificial Intelligence Lenses/Filters!

We saw Snapchat filters gaining a lot of popularity in 2016. They are also known as Artificial Intelligence Lenses. These lenses make the network interactive, engaging and unique when compared to other social media platforms. In fact, Facebook already tested facial lenses for its mobile interface in 2016. And this is exactly what has made Artificial Intelligence Lenses a major sign of budding social media trends. And with the launch of Instagram Stories, we might as well expect various other platforms to feature the popular filters!

According to TechCrunch, there were 100 million active users on Instagram Stories within two months after its release. Which again adds up to 18% of the network’s 600 million active users each day watched Instagram Stories. These features have gained a lot of attention among the younger generations and they still continue to spend large amounts of time on them and hence the battle for facial lenses could heat up in 2017.

  • Paid Content Continues to Rule

It is nothing but a fact that social media algorithms make it harder for businesses to promote organic content. And with the Introduction of the Instagram algorithm in 2016, almost every major social network prefers some sort of content.

Most of these algorithms have one simple purpose–to make its users happy with the content they see in their feeds and by making it as interesting as possible. While all this seems all amazing, it becomes very difficult for brands to be seen if they strictly choose to publish organic content. On the other hand, paid content is growing faster every minute and gaining a lot of popularity. A study according to Adobe, an estimated amount of $41 million will be spent on social media advertising in 2017, which again is not limited to one channel or network.

  • Quality Over Quantity

In today’s growing market the need for quality and engaging content has never been higher. We need to ensure that the brands get their money’s worth be it paid or organic content and for that, it has to have a purpose and be as engaging as possible.

It’s a new day and hence a new beginning, it’s important that you and your team take some time to reflect on the past year and all of the changes to the social landscape. We expect a lot of great changes to come in 2017!

Which Social Media personality are you?

Bonjour social media addicts! Various platforms of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, etc. are our playgrounds! We spend our maximum time on these platforms and while doing so we all interact with various kinds of personalities. What peps up things is the way we interact with them and what we get in return. Interacting with different types of personalities is very important to a marketer. Judging the personality in a perfect manner and telling a story which engages and enlightens the audience and makes your brand more visible to them.

With Social media having a huge effect on the mindset of a person, it is very important to put out the right message to the right audiences. This can make or break your brand and therefore, we share our comprehensive list of the personalities you may encounter in the digital world.

The Social Butterfly

These are literally the social bees of the digital world. They have a contagiously happy profile picture and believe in letting the entire world know about themselves with their epically descriptive profile. They are constantly on all the social media and keep on updating something or the other on all of them. They are almost everywhere. They are seen liking random ads, pages, creating chatting groups and talking on them and creating FB pages, constantly tweeting, Instagramming, snapchatting answering random questions and the list is almost endless! They are easily accessible, and this makes them an important focus group. Such people have great influence on people around them and that makes them really resourceful. They are very expressive and hence keep on voicing their opinion publicly and always speak what is inside their head. If you see or get one of these buffs sharing your post or recommending your product or something like that, then that can be a great boost to your brand and product!

Not so Social being

Reserved is the word that describes them the best. They secretly observe all the meme trends and quietly giggle at the funny ones. They are socially reluctant digital beings who do not want to be disturbed whatsoever. They usually don’t prefer to keep their own picture as the display picture. They have a habit of closely examining every aspect of a person’s online profile before meeting them, and are well known to do a complete research on that person but sometimes are also confused with stalkers or creeps. Along with that, they are very hard to please. In spite of having such a tough-to-please personality they genuinely appreciate someone’s work if it is worth the appreciation. They like or share your creative work/ad/meme/GIF/whatever if it is creative. So ATTENTION marketers, if they share your post, you have succeeded in life and your work is genuinely amazing. Just quit your job and go look for the eternal truth!! 😛

The Social Nurturer

These are the kind of people who are super attached to their work! They don’t see a difference between a Sunday and a Monday. Only one thing makes them realize that it is a Monday, and that is when they see #MondayMotivation trending on twitter. These people get super excited while motivating others. They ask many questions and also spam you with motivational videos, quotes, and blogs. They strongly believe in bringing out the best in others and nurture their potential aspect. This category of digital beings are Youtube addicts. Popular & conscientious they generally have page/pages on Facebook on social causes. As a brand you should always give back to the society, and as a marketer you should help spread the give back message using the Social Nurturer. In fact, all marketers should be social nurturers first.

The Social Sleeping Beauties

Social Sleeping Beauties are the kind of people who are very relaxed and they never fold their blanket because sleep is divine. They are super active for an entire week or two and will take help from various post scheduling tools but then will disappear all of a sudden. These people serve as an example for everyone else about how inconsistent posting on social media is a bad habit. Besides that, they have a whole lot of fake accounts, multiple profiles, pages, etc. Such people are also very particular about their opinions and will comment mean things if something is in conflict with their worldview, so you better be good with your ORM (Online Reputation Management).

The Social Inspirer

This personality can be simply defined as vigorous! They work hard and play harder. They are very straight forward people who never interfere with other people’s life. These personalities are the ones who set a benchmark for all the other above stated personalities and also inspire them. They live from the heart and do not believe in letting their mind rule over their heart! Always striving to be the best, they do not need any kind of motivation, as they are self motivated! They are the trendsetters in the world of social media! They just go with the flow and follow their heart. Marketers usually reach out to them directly by simply asking them what they have to offer, as they are not your customers/audiences but the idea machines who can provide you with resourceful insights about things you never knew existed. They have a different outlook towards various situations on various things and they literally are out of the box!

blog_dec12So which personality are you?

All you need to know about Google’s mobile first indexing

mobile-first-indexing1What Does Mobile First Index Actually Mean?

The ball has dropped ever since Google’s Gary Illyes dropped his mobile first index announcement at Pubcon. Since then many people have been theorizing, speculating, panicking, and there is a lot of confusion about what exactly that means. The most iconic questions are –
Will desktop users get mobile sites? Do sites without the mobile friendly designation suffer? Do we have to change all of our canonical tags? How will Google handle the reduced token corpus? What the hell are tokens and a corpus? What is the exact function and importance of tokens and corpus?
Google is very clear on its part and has mentioned that are still figuring out exactly how to handle certain issues, but that is a bit of problem for many businesses who strongly rely on Google traffic to pay their bills. The following article covers various topics like, what exactly may change, how Google might handle problems and complaints, and what exactly some of these things mean.

First, Let’s Understand What “Indexing” Means?

We need to understand the difference between Crawling, Indexing, Retrieval, and Rankings – as all of these are the core parts of any search algorithm. It is very important to distinguish between them.

– Crawling:
Crawling can be defined as the process through which Google follows links on the web to discover various pages. This is how they are most likely to discover your content and where they may also apply nofollow and disavow file rules.

– Indexing:
The process of turning your web page into something a lot more usable and storing it in their database is known as Indexing. A lot of cool stuff like word vectors, ngrams, and all kinds of other awesome computer science stuff, happens here. Usually, Indexing is when a copy of your page is made in a format that’s useful to the ranking algorithm.

– Retrieval:
The very first step of the search query is Retrieval. Usually, it comes before ranking according to many people, but there’s a good chance that the actual algorithm does retrieval and ranking at the same time. Retrieval is as if the engine says “give me everything relevant to this query” literally! It is here when those word vectors and ngrams get put to use.

– Ranking:
This is the most obsessed part of the algorithm. The results over here are based on whatever number of factors we’re arguing about today. Most of this probably happens during the retrieval phase itself. While some of the factors such as penalties, and speed, and mobile friendly happen after retrieval.
What Is Mobile First Indexing?
Google right now has just one index based on the desktop sites. With the help of Googlebot, it creates signals along with the desktop user agent. Google then crawls with their mobile Googlebot to gather mobile friendly and other signals – but they aren’t creating a new index based on the mobile site.
If a user searches Google (either desktop or mobile) the retrieval part of the algorithm immediately looks at the desktop index created by the Googlebot desktop crawler. Relevant results are shown that are based on the desktop index, and then are ranked based on the desktop index.
The mobile crawler collects mobile signals which are looked over by the Ranker that adjusts the rankings accordingly.
Like everything else these things also have their cons and has caused some problems. There are many cases where a user sees something in a snippet, clicks on the results. After that, the user gets redirected to the site’s mobile homepage that usually spawns an app store or newsletter popup. Only after reading the content on the screen the user realizes the content they saw in the search snippet isn’t actually available on the stripped down mobile version of the site. This is a bad user experience but a common norm on too many sites.
Google intends to avoid such bad user experience with this new change.
The general theory is that if the content isn’t important enough or up to the mark to be on your mobile site, then maybe you aren’t the most authoritative or relevant result for that content.
And once again Google works for the betterment of the digital world!animation-mattis-dovier-frnk-26BRNiATmtg6s1jC8


Benefits of Digital Marketing You Must Consider!

India is one of the most populated countries in the world, with 306 million internet users, from which the urban part of the country contributes to 71% users and 93% users from the rural part of the country, in 2016. Keeping this in mind it is very clear about how digital marketing has a very intense effect on the Indian market and so Digital Marketing is very important for brands in India.

Now let’s figure out what is Digital Marketing?

In a lay man’s term, Digital Marketing is the advertising and promotion of various products/brands and their extensions through digital media like search engines [SEO/SEM], social media [SM], E-mails etc. for a particular set of users known as the target audience (personal computer, tabs, mobile etc.).

Why Digital Marketing?

  1. Pocket-Friendly for Startups!

Digital Marketing scores a point when compared to traditional marketing as it is very cost-effective for an initial investment. Traditional marketing consists of print media which includes advertisements in newspapers, newsletters, magazines, brochures, and other printed material for distribution, which needs a requires of monetary as well as manpower involved in it. But digital marketing can fulfill its achievement without that initial investment.

  1. Promote at Minimal Cost!

In Digital Marketing the promotional cost of products is almost half of traditional marketing. You can post about your products through digital media like search engines [SEO/SEM], social media [SM], E-mails etc. without any cost and then promote it for a particular amount to target a larger and precise target audience. The ads on Digital media are less costly and targeted when compared to TV and print media. On google ads, the cost is calculated per impression (CPC), which means when one visits a company’s website by clicking their ad then the company has to pay google. Many times it is difficult for a start-up to promote their product through the traditional media’s vehicles such as TV and print media. Hence, this makes Digital Marketing as the best option for Start-up Companies as it gives them the liberty to alter and upgrade their content on Digital platforms at their own convenience.


  1. Target The Right Audience

Choosing the right target audience is very important in digital media channels.

Let’s see this with the following examples-

  1. i) If one searches for “smart phones” on any search engine, the results displayed will not show any garments or sports or any other product. It only gives results on “smart phones” or anything related to it.
  1. ii) Digital ads are displayed based on the user’s age, profession, region, sex and many other categories. This makes targeting to a specific audience with a minute specifications through digital marketing, a lot easier than the traditional media.
  1. The Results Can Be Easily Measured

In digital marketing, one can easily know and keep a track of website traffic and get the detailed report of their website at anytime, anyplace just by using google analytics and many other tools. The analytic solutions also provide real-time reports which are extremely helpful as one can alter their campaigns and strategies if results are not up to the mark.

  1. Developing The Brand

Presence on various social media platforms is a fashion today. Spreading the name of a company and hence making it popular to more and more people, means Brand development. A well-maintained website with standard quality content can develop and maintain a brand and it’s image. Besides indulging and posting on social media, releasing a press release, conducting video marketing by using platforms like you Tube, link building etc. can always enhance the image of the brand!

Now you know the benefits of Digital Marketing, go on implement them now!!

Burn 9 evils of digital marketing this Dussehra

The growth of digital marketing has grown as traditional companies migrate to  digital marketing and others live exclusively in the digital realm with no presence on traditional platforms like TV and print. For many businesses, digital marketing, especially on social media channels, is very intimidating.

We bring to you the 9 evils of digital marketing:

1.Don’t let Analytics rule you

The results count but don’t let them dictate what you should do. There are many outlets for digital marketing, but only some of them will suit your business better than others. Some prefer writing articles while others prefer regular activity on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. If your company initiates digital marketing, it may be well worth to continue even if the results are not what you would like it to be.

2. Avoid Spamming

 Digital advertising reaches it’s audience by consent. If you start  clogging up inboxes and social media feeds in short intervals, you lose your audience. Digital  Marketing should be targeted to ramp up for specific events and then eventually  slow down to a non obstructive pace the rest of the time.evils-of-digital-marketing3. It is Mobiles first

 Mobile will continue to grow as we are more dependent on our devices for shopping, dining, renting and much more. Digital Marketing has the ability to hit customers with the right message at the right time. Though it is far from the actual research but it is progressing at a high speed. Ensure that your internet assets are mobile-friendly.

4. Don’t cover your accounts in an inch of dust

 If you come across new social networking platforms that your business is not signed up for, do not assign a task of signing up for these accounts.  If a platform is not utilized on a regular basis then setting it up will not represent your brand in any way.

5. One strategy is not fit for all

Do not treat all  sites equally. In Digital Marketing we should not restrict with one type of interaction. We should try to increase our audience reach with a particular platform. If your social media strategy for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are all same then you must reconsider your plan.

6. Say with a meaning

 Getting too involved with your prospects does not end at gaining them as followers. They like or follow your page to receive updates on the company or product but that is not enough. Your ultimate goal should be to gain them as new clients and hence it is very important to have a personalized and meaningful flow of communication that takes your relationship to a next level.

7. Don’t abandon your prospects

We should handle the relationship with customers with some care to get more business. Spending time and effort to engage with your audience but then abandoning them is not a successful tactic.

8. We have no idea about our prospects

Instead of utilizing a platform to market your products and services try to offer information that can help solve the business problem of your prospects.

9. Nameless and Faceless group is a strict no

Add a personal note to your social media profiles. In order to gain more likes and followers, you need to be friendly with them. This is where a little extra effort can take your brand a long way.

Digital marketing is not as scary or as complex as it is often made out to be. Now there is a multitude of tools that allow for a do-it-yourself approach and leverage content across platforms   That kind of precision will make the TV, radio and print ads of previous generations look quaint by comparison.

Techniques to boost your online sales- Revealed

Every brand is hunting for prospective customers. They are trying hard to convince prospects to convert into sales. Many of them are able to do so, whereas many of them are unable to achieve the desired results. In this digital era, conversions are primarily focused online, but there is a catch to this – being too accessible makes you more vulnerable to bad publicity.

The reason is simple, customers always search for product reviews and endorsement which is organic and real. Nowadays, the customer is smart enough to get the best product as per his/her consideration. Customers find sufficient reasons to make their choices. This is where ORM comes into the picture (Online reputation management).

People often underestimate the power of ORM, but if you don’t want to deal with the hassles of Digital Marketing, then don’t worry, we at Digit 9.0 are one of the top digital marketing companies in India and we are here to take care of your problems.

Everyone knows that online presence is of utmost importance to the brand, but after achieving this objective, brands don’t find their way to online stardom. One way to tackle this situation is to shed a lot of hard earned money in marketing online, which ultimately may not fetch you  long term popularity. What really works is having a great brand reputation by means of multiple well-executed campaigns and engaging your customers in said campaigns.

Almost all online interactions you come across online are in the form of comments by your users or prospective users, sometimes these comments have the tendency of being pretty nasty for your brand. This is where online reputation management comes into the picture, once an article about your brand is posted online, it’s completely at the mercy of comments and ORM, which acts as a shield for your brand. It does so by selectively deleting the comments with particular keywords which may tarnish your brand. But there is more to ORM than protection, it also creates highly interactive campaigns, posts positive reviews on social media and ultimately elevates your brands.

Want to look future of Innovation in digital marketing?? Just a click away

Now there are lots of development and innovation are going on digital marketing environment. We as Indians in digital India phase growing at a rapid phase. If we look at the current scenario about the top digital marketing agencies in India there are moving far behind of The Global Level . The scenario is like that if we look top digital marketing companies in India there are less no of digital marketing agencies in India focusing on new age communication techniques while using the tag of digital marketing agencies probably which is a modern tag.

If we talk about simple future edge SEO marketing agencies in Mumbai there are less no of SEO marketing agencies are doing that. If we talk about websites that speaks about the work with influential emotion there will be less in no of web development agency in Mumbai are doing like this. If we talk about the ad to which people eagerly receive and transcript a communication through it there are a less no of PPC agencies In India are doing that. If we talk about the Applications that have enough smart to enrich people’s lives without harnessing or affecting it there would be a less no of app development agencies in Mumbai doing that.

When we are going through a digital India phase under a plethora of Modi regime we have to understand why we need that. In next 4 years we would be going to have a 1.5 billion population. So there is flooding of mass consumer market, which leads to mass consumer market who would be highly involved in new age digitally encrypted mass technology. So there would be a need of top digital marketing agencies in India who can influence the market through digital communication in incognito mode, the PPC ads which people want to see, the app which can communicate smarter.

That’s why we as a digit9.0 group taking the digital platform to next level where we are concerned about the work of the SEO development agency, web development agency, app development agency, PPC agency, Creative marketing agency together. We are growing towards the change by fostering people who have a dream towards enriching people’s lives through digital media in our digital marketing company.

Accelerated Mobile Pages – the faster way

Google has recently launched Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), an open – source project aimed at speeding up the mobile web browsing experience.


Google now enables it’s users to find AMP web pages in mobile search results. AMP pages offers “a lightning-fast reading experience for top stories.”

 AMP pages are simplified; they won’t run JavaScript. AMP loads content first and ads second which makes reading on mobile web fast, responsive and fun.

AMP is characterized as a central part of Google’s maniacal mission to clean up the mobile web and boost search revenue on mobiles which will slowly erode the effects of invasive ads and slow responding sites. This project provides an open source approach and allows publishers to focus on content while relying on the shared components for high performance. Distribution across all kinds of platforms is very crucial and AMP thus allows efficient distribution through Google’s high-performance global cache.

In India, mobile Internet users will cross 300 million by 2017 from 159 million users at present. We have the third-largest Internet user base in the world, with more than 300 million users out of which more than 50% use Internet on mobiles. The necessity of AMP will increase due to this, the new open framework will be built entirely out of existing web technologies. This will allow the websites to build light-weight web pages.

Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress.com, Chartbeat, Parse.ly, Adobe Analytics and LinkedIn are the first group of technology partners planning to integrate AMP HTML pages.


Coders at Digit 9.0 work on web pages with rich content like video, animations and graphics along with smart ads. We integrate AMP so that same code works across multiple platforms and devices. The content appears the same everywhere in an instant, no matter what type of phone, tablet or mobile device the user is using. We hope Accelerated Mobile Pages protect the free flow of information and ensures the mobile web works better and faster for everyone.









We know how time-consuming it is to search for a perfect font for a design project. A good font can capture attention and give your brand a new look. Brands try to make their product packaging unique by combining colours, fonts and designs in an interesting way and create a captivating concept that would attract their customer. Moreover, concepts and designs that were used previously often integrate themselves into our present ideas and often make it difficult for us to come up with new innovative ones. As a result of the resurgence for appreciation of good typography, font and design, the year 2016 will be marked by a lot of colour and a whole lot of designs that inspire!

Trending Now:

  • McDonald’s restaurants has unveiled new carry-out bags, sandwich boxes and beverage cups this month. The new packaging is simple and fresh, and effectively communicates the brand’s vision of presenting itself as a modern and progressive burger company. The branding is more visible on the packaging due to the bigger and bolder font, which occupies more space on the bags and cups, thus, enahancing brand visibility.

  • Amul chocolates has decided to revamp their packaging as well.

  • Reishunger, the German based premium quality rice brand, has a slim and sleek package design which emphasizes on the authenticity, purity and premium quality of its contents.

  • The manufacturers of Candy King believed thht it was necessary for them to repackage their product to appeal to both the adults and children. They wanted it to be simple, unique and strong enough to establish the brand as a category leader.

  • Beauty Engineered for Ever has also settled for a bold font as a key ingredient for their branding, which is evident on their bottles and label design. They have some witty copy printed in bold fonts with bright colours to catch and hold the attention of their target audience.

Work Speaks Volumes:

At Digit 9.0, designers are free to experiment with fonts, colours and design to give wings to their creativity and effectively reach out to the consumer. We stress on clear and artistic designing as the most efficient way of communicating the brand values to its target audience. This is a challenge in itself as it involves the designer to have an intrinsic sense of art and aestheticism as that is what distinguishes an ordinary design from one that is extraordinary. Letterstacking is an upcoming trend that will continue to hold the ground. As trends continue to mature and become more sophisticated, our designers interpret them intelligently, with their artistic bent of mind. They consistently push the boundaries to improve on their skillsets and deliver work within time, without compromising on creativity. They assist our agency in communicating the personalities and values of brands through the visual medium. We represent the best that we have to offer.

Trends are transient. What tests the creativity of designers is how they are able to improvise on their designs and make their design look different from another of the same kind. The Paint Brush software does not undergo major modifications. The way we hold the brush does.





The Complete Guide To Instagram

“Since, the rise of online marketing, there has been one common truth among all social platforms: If you don’t have a proper strategy for your social efforts, they’re going to fall flat.”

Instagram is becoming one of the most popular social media amongst the masses. The number of Instagram uploads have gone above 4 million since it got launched in 2011. The cumulative number of Instagram users are more than 40 million. Collectively Instagram fans share 70 million photos daily, giving immense potential to brands to advertise their wares to a large yet targeted audience. Context and content are kings here so your fans know exactly why they need your product in their shopping basket!


What is this Instagram business?

Instagram is a fun online photo and video sharing social networking app. It allows users to take pictures and videos, apply digital filters and effects to them and share them. They can then share them on a variety of social networking services such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr!

Get entertained in 15 seconds

Users are also able to record and share short videos lasting for up to 15 seconds. Investing your company’s time in social media can be beneficial if companies expand their reach to a new customer base as it gives a edge to your brand.

Just Post It

The pieces should fit well to show what your brand actually is. All your interactions and engagement on Instagram will be accompanied by the little thumbnail of your profile picture. Make sure it’s something recognizable and professional! If the numbers don’t give you butterflies, think how Instagram posts can express your brand’s pivotal moments such as completing five years of business, experiences like customer testimonials and personality with festive posts or an opinion about a current event.


Instagram can make your brand accessible and more human with the apt positioning. Artistic expression may be a hispsterish concept but everyday users lap it up and will expect a thoughtful approach in your sponsored ads too! But with advertisements, placing artistry as the centerpiece takes more than just a very beautiful filter. Tracking impressions, clicks and conversion through the direct response button is the actual benefit of creating an Instagram ad since you can analyze every step and decipher what is working well and what is not.


We all love a story

Through this “exploration” of Instagram and the detailed analysis of each feature, we can see how Instagram serves as a useful and effective way for businesses to promote and share their products digitally. Above all, digital story telling through Instagram works because people believe that there is meaning in everyday life and they don’t need a huge event to share with the world. Instagram opens up the possibility that normal occurrences are interesting in their own right and can help brands develop their identity. We haven’t stopped believing that we have an important story to tell, we haven’t lost our ability to tell a coherent, conversational story, and we haven’t stopped finding meaning in the everyday events of our lives. We just use different tools and approaches to do so.

So here, at Digit 9.0 we keep things simple – you tell us what your advertising goal is and we will see what other major players in your sector are doing, find out what your target audience wants and create an ad that resonates with your brand’s voice.