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How to measure traffic of the competitor’s website

It is extremely important to study and research on internet marketing if your goal is to continue as a digital marketing professional. The internet has been transforming at a breakneck speed. Hence, keeping pace with changes on the internet is as imperative as your food. There are many plans and strategies to follow to get going in the field on digital marketing. You need to have social media presence, search engine presence and even you can’t move a single step without having the apps on your handheld device like android phone or iPhone. However, you always need to have conversion analysis to meet your return on investment.

There are many tools that tell all about your achievement in your online business. The Google analytic said to be by far the best. Comscore has been considered as the leader to analyze the potential of the website. However, these tools can’t help you to assess the visitors and potential of the website of a third party. Here, we recommend 3 powerful tools to understand and know the potential of a website. – Spying on the visitors of a third party website not only gives pleasure but also indicates your potential to understand the competitors’ activities. If you had been trying to know the visitors of your competitor in vain, then is there for your rescue. It is quite helpful to know the numbers of visitors and the resources as well as referrals from where the visitors are coming. Similarweb also indicates the competitors’ social presence and the mobile presence. It can say easily if your competitors are having mobile apps on both android and iOS etc. You can get a lot of information from this site which is completely free of cost. However, you can access potential data if you subscribed the paid version of this most popular tool. – Every digital marketing professional is aware of the is so popular that it is not only used by the experienced users but also a new comer. This analytic site says all about the potential of the business that the competitors have been doing. It indicates the vitality of a website by means of numbers. The less numbers you have the more powerful you are on the web. Apart from this, this portal also says the keywords which are being used by the users and geographic location of the visitors as well. provides both free and paid version of the analytics. You can get more information on the competitors’ movement by subscribing paid version of Alexa tool. – This is a powerful analytic tool that can say the numbers of the visitors during recent months. It has been quite helpful for the user for many years. It is completely free and user friendly. It can be used to know the numbers of visitors with unlimited access.

There are many other tools as well. However, these 3 tools are considered to be the most popular on the web and these tools can be used completely free of cost.

4 Inevitable Tools For Digital Marketing Professionals

The Internet has been proved to be a boon in our life. It has been playing a pivotal role in making our life easier by shortening time and distance in marketing.


Chances are that if you work in a field like digital marketing in India, you wish for a dedicated marketing God to help you out in sticky situations.

Well we are not that God, but here are 4 tools you will inevitably end up using:

Tool 1:


There was a time when link building was an integral part of search engine optimization. Today, it is a different story as link building has been proved to be an outdated activity. Experts proclaim the age old saying “quality over quantity” to stay on top of search engine result pages. You obviously know the back links you utilize for your website, but do you know your competitor’s? This is where comes in place!

Tool 2:


Without, your copy is the danger of being stolen or misused by a third party. All you have to do is insert your blog’s link into the search bar and check if anybody has copied your content. If not, that’s great – you are the sole owner of the words you have crafted. But, if someone has copied your words without linking you or mentioning your name, it’s time to take the necessary action!

Tool 3:


This website is a great tool for you to find out who owns a website, decipher IP or domain addresses, whether it is on a dedicated or shared server and how good is your SEO score. The interface is extremely user friendly and simple to understand. You might think a simple Google search will answer all these questions but the attention to detail wards off future issues. On top of that, most of the services provided are free of cost!

Tool 4:


A library exist to store and preserve things of value to us. Archive is the same, albeit in a digital format. It is an excellent source for research, historical facts, scholar articles and hard data. Basically anything that is in a digital format and is readily available to the masses is on the website. Marketers can browse through its intensive collections for inspiration and genuine #throwbackthursday content!

Do you any more tools in your bookmarks? Share them with us to get it featured!!

Top 5 Tools To Revitalize Your Blog

You are a blogger and want to establish a phenomenal blog to share your knowledge with the world. But the Internet is overloaded with information. Can you stand out?


You have a story to share. But you are stuck or feel intimidated by the sheer amount of information out there.

Let us help you out with 5 tools to revitalize your blog:


Tool 1:

There has been ample stories starting from wordpress hacking to brute force attacks. Some techies who were not obstinate enough left the blogging world forever. However, some people stay here to take their endeavor to the next level. If you have left the blogging world, there is a silver lining for you. is the boat that can help you cross the river back to the blogging world. You will get plethora of information starting from buying and installing the theme to security etc; with a lot of support to help you out.

Tool 2:

Neil Patel is the founder of the world’s most popular blog – He’s an influential entrepreneur, blogger and speaker with the rectification of American President, Barack Obama.

The content is highly research oriented, engaging and compelling to educate people on digital media. Infographics bring out the best stats and once you visit the website once, you will want to visit it again.

Tool 3:

Rand Fishkin has covered a versatile range of digital marketing information for both amateurs and professionals to learn from a pro. The content is scientific in nature making it educating and compelling for readers.

We love his article 10 Predictions for the Marketing World in 2015 because its witty and very, very readable. We hope to see another article like it for 2016 and the years to come!

Tool 4:

You must be familiar with if you have a SEO, SEM or social media background. A blogger or author (whatever you like to refer to yourself as) can find new and updated changes in alogorithms almost instantly.

You can not only get ideas about digital marketing but also the changes that happen in the search engine world to optimize your blog uniquely

Tool 5:

There was a time when you probably had millions of visitors on your blog and suddenly it dropped unexpectedly.

Rescue it utilizing by either being a paid or free user to access what thousands of webmasters are discussing to decipher the problem and come up with a solution.

Tell us what you think about these tools and if you have any more in mind, comment below!