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How to promote a product on social media

Hello, social media enthusiasts! Being social animals, we know that the best way to entertain ourselves is to socialise with people; and social media like Facebook, twitter and Instagram are the latest, well approved and tested tools to do so. We the folks of the 21st century have developed our culture around it, we eat along with it, sleep with it, travel with it and work with it. Social media has become symbiotic with our lifestyle. But there is more to it than meets the eye – social media is a very powerful marketing tool for your business. You have a very good idea about the amount of time, people spend on social media, which creates ample of opportunities for marketers to showcase their products to their audiences. This obviously breeds a lot of competition so you have to have a good stance in order to be effective.

There are many ways to do so, but we will talk here about the basic approach which will get you started on your path to success on social media.

  1.  A Website
blogpost website photo by digit9

blogpost website photo by digit9

First thing’s first, do you have a website? If you have a business, you need a website. To promote a product or service on social media, in this day and age, you can’t afford to rely on a phone book to let people know about your existence. It doesn’t cost much to build and maintain one, but if you have the resources, I would recommend hiring a designer to customize your site which can later be linked to your social media accounts.

2.  Use an Interactive marketing strategy


To get started as a winner to promote a product on social media, you have to start conversing with your prospects, use contests and create audience-specific content in order to maximize reliability. Always remember, you have to be relevant to your target audience to spur interaction. People never respond to things they have little knowledge about, know their interests – This information is available to you through specialist social media analytics tools.

3.  Know your platform


Every platform has its own set of features. To leverage the strength of social media to its fullest extent, customize your message to suit your platform to promote a product on social media. For example, on Facebook people usually connect with people they already know, whereas Twitter is mostly used to voice their opinions and connect with strangers, thus a message on Facebook about something Objectionable/ controversial is less likely to do well, but quite the contrary on Twitter. It goes without saying that there are obvious exceptions. You can integrate all of your social media links on your websites to have better discover-ability. Additionally, Google analytics is an amazing tool to keep a track of your marketing activities.

4.  Be User Friendly

Friendly user interface

Friendly user interface

Don’t complicate things for your audiences. A contest which has complicated rules and a long registration process will just annoy them. Use simple words which are in common use, don’t hesitate to be multi linguistic.

5.  Ask for feedback

Getting Feedback

Getting Feedback

Tracking and monitoring customer feedback about your brand on social networking sites is an absolute must. Remember that the Internet doesn’t operate according to your office hours. You need to be monitoring what people are saying about you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Social media has become an inseparable part of our lifestyle. Marketers are actively competing to effectively advertise their brand, to stand out of the clutter, it is important to use dynamic, relevant and interactive marketing.


3 Social Media Trends That Will Take Over 2017

Blog_Post_012016 was a blast for the social media industry as it saw a whole lot of changes like several new features, consumer preferences, and brand opportunities, etc. And now we expect so much from 2017! We are looking forward to social media trends that will continue to evolve and surprise us!

While it’s simply impossible to predict the oh-so-dynamic social media and how the social media marketing landscape will change over the course of a year, we’re here to your rescue! Following are the social media trends that you should keep an eye on in 2017:

  • Popularity for Artificial Intelligence Lenses/Filters!

We saw Snapchat filters gaining a lot of popularity in 2016. They are also known as Artificial Intelligence Lenses. These lenses make the network interactive, engaging and unique when compared to other social media platforms. In fact, Facebook already tested facial lenses for its mobile interface in 2016. And this is exactly what has made Artificial Intelligence Lenses a major sign of budding social media trends. And with the launch of Instagram Stories, we might as well expect various other platforms to feature the popular filters!

According to TechCrunch, there were 100 million active users on Instagram Stories within two months after its release. Which again adds up to 18% of the network’s 600 million active users each day watched Instagram Stories. These features have gained a lot of attention among the younger generations and they still continue to spend large amounts of time on them and hence the battle for facial lenses could heat up in 2017.

  • Paid Content Continues to Rule

It is nothing but a fact that social media algorithms make it harder for businesses to promote organic content. And with the Introduction of the Instagram algorithm in 2016, almost every major social network prefers some sort of content.

Most of these algorithms have one simple purpose–to make its users happy with the content they see in their feeds and by making it as interesting as possible. While all this seems all amazing, it becomes very difficult for brands to be seen if they strictly choose to publish organic content. On the other hand, paid content is growing faster every minute and gaining a lot of popularity. A study according to Adobe, an estimated amount of $41 million will be spent on social media advertising in 2017, which again is not limited to one channel or network.

  • Quality Over Quantity

In today’s growing market the need for quality and engaging content has never been higher. We need to ensure that the brands get their money’s worth be it paid or organic content and for that, it has to have a purpose and be as engaging as possible.

It’s a new day and hence a new beginning, it’s important that you and your team take some time to reflect on the past year and all of the changes to the social landscape. We expect a lot of great changes to come in 2017!