How Advertisements on Google can Double your Sales

Promoting on Google is an extraordinary advertising strategy for entrepreneurs. You can promote your business by showing ads to individuals who are looking for something that you offer at that particular time, for that particular location! This sort of filtering encourages most entrepreneurs to do advertisements on Google.

Google Adwords

Ad Words Advertisements on Google
Ad Words

Google Adwords is a service by Google that helps you to run your ads on Google search results that enable organizations to have their advertisements keep running on Google’s list items page without doing an SEO campaign. The promotions look practically indistinguishable to the ordinary indexed lists, with the main contrast being the little sign “Ad” in green at the start of your link. Google advertisements will appear at the top and end of the page.

How it works

At the point when a customer looks up an expression or term, Google will present the viewer with relevant advertisements with respect to keywords mentioned in the search. Sites that need their promotions to appear in the Google search results page, place their bid on keywords that they know viewers will mention when searching for their sort of business. For instance, an electrician situated in Mumbai may bid on keywords such as “Electrician Mumbai, “Wiring,” or “Electricians.”
It depends on how much your bid, the quality, and relevance of your ad and ranking of your website, that whether or not your ad will be displayed on the search results page. And it is important to use ideal terms to bid; for example, when you bid for terms like electrical solutions, your ad will never be shown when someone searches for “hotels near you”, even if you have the highest bid.

Benefits of advertising on Google

1. People search to buy

Search to Buy Advertisements on Google
Search to Buy

Searchers describe what they want in their searches. When someone looks up “Pav bhaji Restaurants”, it is not farfetched to think that the person is planning to dine out in some restaurant that particular evening. As it is possible for you to set the locality in which your ad will be visible, you can be certain that only people in that vicinity are seeing that ad.

Advertisements on Google are so effective because unlike Facebook ads, advertisements on Google target people when they are actively looking for that particular thing rather than when they look at a friend’s high school trip photos. Advertisements on Google not only make sure that your ad revenue is not wasted on advertising out of your territory, but it also ensures that your ad is shown when the searcher is actually looking for your product or service. This is very effective for a local business.

2. Pay only when your ad is clicked

Another tempting factor that encourages us to choose to advertise on Google is its PPC (Pay per click) model, which means you don’t pay as long as someone searches AND is interested enough to click on your advertisement.
Unlike traditional media like newspapers, you can limit your expenditure based on how effective your ad is and how much you want to spend on it. This is done by setting an upper limit on your daily budget and a bid on every click.

3. Ability to Track

Google Map Advertisements on Google
Google Map

Think of it as AdWords analytics, you can track things like – the number of views, number of clicks and actions on your website through these clicks etc. Any shortcomings in your ad can be easily be noticed and rectified by the careful monitoring of these metrics on the AdWords dashboard. You can quickly adjust any value or the appearance of your ad at any time to have a successful ad campaign. There is not a lot of risks involved in this, as you always have the option to stop running your ad at any time.

Compare this again to traditional media, you will never know exactly how many customers visit your shop because of a billboard advertisement on the highway. That is a big investment without any real evidence on its effectiveness.
To sum it all up – Advertisements on Google have good targeting, analysis, and flexibility. It is the proven most effective method of advertising when you have a local business that is usually looked up before visiting. After creating an AdWords account, you can run test ads to see what works and keep your list of keywords updated and clean.

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