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Get Digitally Dressed To The Nines

India accounts for 14% of the world’s textile production, making our fashion industry ripe with opportunities for both start ups and long established brands. On top of that, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s constant pushing of both #MakeInIndia and #DigitalIndia campaigns are enough incentives to ride the digital fashion bandwagon.


socialmediafashionThis image is courtesy of

Indian designers have just started using social media, which is utilized very subtly for publicity and promotional purposes. But the future of fashion retailing is on the Internet, especially with the continuous growth of smartphone dependence. Boutiques and shopping malls are just a tiny drop of the fashion ocean.

Here at Digit 9.0 we have a simple and effective five point plan to make your brand shine in the darkest of the darkest corners of the Internet:

1. Compelling Content

takemymoneyDare to be yourself instead of following the herd like sheep

The first thing you need is compelling content that is true to your brand. What does that include? Engaging, informative, beautiful (it’s fashion after all) and most importanly consistent branding copy, videos and imagery. Did you know about 51% of social media users will visit your store if a discount is publicized! Thus,your digital campaign has to align with your off-line one so you avoid looking like a fool or confusing customers.

2. Make The Most Of SEO

caa780591b4ad78941ce1c84f13032a4SEO is just as vital as T.V or radio advertising

SEO or search engine optimization is often not the made the most of by brands. A tool like soovle will enable you to decipher what users are searching for and queries related to that search. For example, if you search fashion on the search box, the amazon results will show that fashion jewelery and fashion tape are highly searched for. The more specific you go with the search query, the more specific your findings will be!

3. Spend Some To Make Some

kareenaSeems legit?!

With new website designing tools that are free and require no coding knowledge cropping up everyday, you will be tempted to scrimp. But getting a professional onboard will not only make your ecommerce website look as good as it should but will free up your time to do your favourite thing – designing fashionable outfits.

4. Ask Fans To RT/Share


It’s fans who make you go viral

Social media posts are not just for viewing but are for sharing too! This ups a brand’s trust factor and may make your post go viral. Asking explicitly your fans to pin, favourite, share, RT or like will increase your engagement rate and help you know what’s working and what’s not. Incentivizing with a competition or giveaway also helps matters. Moreover, being nice by following back fans will make you more memorable and seem human!

5. Be Besties With Key Influencers & Celebrities

deepikaEk chutki sindoor…

This goes without saying but having a public conversation on twitter with Deepika Padukone or tagging her on your Instagram post will expose your brand’s name to 11.6 million people worldwide , yes really that many people!!

Therefore, designers would be wise to gear themselves for long term growth and embrace all things digital like we help our clients do.

fashion info-graphOr else they would risk fading away.

Want To Re-Invent Your Brand? Start with Digital

FB_SP_01Many people around the world celebrated the United Nations’ (UN) World Tourism Day, on September 27 this year. The day aims to create awareness amongst the international community for the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic impact on the world economy. Making it very, very important for a brand which is in the travel and liesure sector!!

So, what can a brand do to re-invent itself? You can start with a digital upheaval to create a footprint in an online audience of over 3 billion, which is showing no signs of slowing down in the near future. In fact, it is the best method for you to reach your target audience on a regular basis courtesy of daily social media updates and an information source which is up 24/7, 365 days a year – your brand’s video on YouTube!

I have met many of you in Delhi and New York, and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These are the new neighborhoods of our new world.”

This quote by PM Narendra Modi reinstates the very fact that your first interaction with your customer is online rather than the hotel reception desk; just piggybacking on the #IncredibleIndia hashtag alone can give you a maximum reach of 235.9 million people – what’s not there to take the first step?

Here at Digit 9.0 we can help you take the first step towards a digital brand makeover to become the brand your customers want you to become. Content is king and we always start with an user-friendly website and weekly articles to pump up your SEO. Next, visibility is key which is achieved with an audience-friendly video and punchy social media updates which include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The number one tip for digital marketing from our team is to avoid thinking like most people do.

After all, why fit in when you can stand out?



Top 5 Tools To Revitalize Your Blog

You are a blogger and want to establish a phenomenal blog to share your knowledge with the world. But the Internet is overloaded with information. Can you stand out?


You have a story to share. But you are stuck or feel intimidated by the sheer amount of information out there.

Let us help you out with 5 tools to revitalize your blog:


Tool 1:

There has been ample stories starting from wordpress hacking to brute force attacks. Some techies who were not obstinate enough left the blogging world forever. However, some people stay here to take their endeavor to the next level. If you have left the blogging world, there is a silver lining for you. is the boat that can help you cross the river back to the blogging world. You will get plethora of information starting from buying and installing the theme to security etc; with a lot of support to help you out.

Tool 2:

Neil Patel is the founder of the world’s most popular blog – He’s an influential entrepreneur, blogger and speaker with the rectification of American President, Barack Obama.

The content is highly research oriented, engaging and compelling to educate people on digital media. Infographics bring out the best stats and once you visit the website once, you will want to visit it again.

Tool 3:

Rand Fishkin has covered a versatile range of digital marketing information for both amateurs and professionals to learn from a pro. The content is scientific in nature making it educating and compelling for readers.

We love his article 10 Predictions for the Marketing World in 2015 because its witty and very, very readable. We hope to see another article like it for 2016 and the years to come!

Tool 4:

You must be familiar with if you have a SEO, SEM or social media background. A blogger or author (whatever you like to refer to yourself as) can find new and updated changes in alogorithms almost instantly.

You can not only get ideas about digital marketing but also the changes that happen in the search engine world to optimize your blog uniquely

Tool 5:

There was a time when you probably had millions of visitors on your blog and suddenly it dropped unexpectedly.

Rescue it utilizing by either being a paid or free user to access what thousands of webmasters are discussing to decipher the problem and come up with a solution.

Tell us what you think about these tools and if you have any more in mind, comment below!



Why It’s Essential To Integrate Blog Links Within Your Website

Most people think that blogs are meant for personal use, for hobbies or specialized topics only. What most businesses don’t realize is that integrating a blog on your website can be highly beneficial to you in several different methods, by engaging with your customers, getting your content out on social media to driving traffic to your blog pages.


HubSpot, a top marketing and software company, reports that that from 2009 to 2011, businesses with a blog on their website grew from 48% to 65%. According to HubSpot’s findings, 27% of the businesses surveyed called their blog critical to business success.

Here are the top three reasons why it is essential to start blogging on your website:

1. Increase traffic to your website

One of the most fundamental features of integrating a blog link is that it will increase traffic to your website. Most people aren’t aware that adding a blog link gives you a huge advantage over the competition. It’s a great marketing tool to gain more visibility for your business on your website and helps support your business growth.

By having an active page on your website, search engines like Google scan and index pages of your website in search results more often, as and when new content on your blog is published. This new indexed blog page gives you the opportunity to advance traffic to your blog (and in effect, to your website) through an organic search. For instance, if you blog about ‘5 Great Shopping Deals in April’, the next time people ask for those particular queries in different search engines, your blog could pop up in the results.

Blogging on your website can aid you on social media as well. Your blog posts are content for people to share on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and Google + giving a whole new audience not aware of your business the opportunity to discover your services or products. Not just people, but other websites can link to your blog, thus increasing your reach and allowing your business to climb higher on Google’s SEO rankings.

2. Inform your visitors

Besides enlightening your website visitors to the basic details and business practices of your company, a blog is the perfect way to keep them updated on the current affairs of your business. A website becomes more than a placeholder or just an online business card and turns into an ongoing exchange portal to inform and educate your visitors. The opportunities are ripe to gain a steady following.

The added advantage to conversing with your customers gives you a wide platform to respond to any queries they might have or even start a discussion on your products or services. This will lead to new insights about your users, whether it could be going through analytics to measure user reach or just their general feedback about your products or services.

The content from your blog posts also serves as fodder for your own social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter as well as for your business mailers, newsletters, e-brochures and more. This will keep you focused on a clear content strategy for your brand so you should keep a strict schedule to adhere and deliver what your audience is looking for.

3. Initiate Long-Term Results

Blogging has a long shelf life. Think of it as a long-term asset  to help build up brand awareness and promote your products or services. A blog post created today can eventually lead to hundreds or thousands of views and potential leads for the future. The post’s ranking in search engines optimizes your website’s traffic.

Creating consistent content on your blog can lead you to gain credibility as a leader in your field of business by sharing your expertise. Blogging allows your visitors to see the true personality of your brand. It gives your business a voice and show people what your services and products are all about.

You can invite your visitors to subscribe to your blog, thus ensuring a built in audience for your content. Your competitors as well as your customers are already out there with their own blogs. They will learn more about your brand and business through your blog than any other paid advertisement ever could.

If you’re not already thinking of blogging on your website, it’s time to get started on the benefits of blogging via your website. You’ll thank yourself later.

The Future Of Blogging

The current state of unstoppable innovations on the digital front has made the Internet a space for both personal and mass communication.

Blogging is the next big thing with over 3 billion internet users, and here is how you can  get started:

1. Write about what you Love 

Blog what you feel is true and worth writing about. Always write the way you speak, it makes blogs easier to read and maintains reader interaction.

2. Add Photos and Videos

Studies have shown that over 80% of the digital audience is enticed with visuals on the blog. Interaction and response on the page can be spiced up with pointers, images and videos for a better engagement on the page.

3. The Correct Format 

Formatting does half of the job on your blog, if your statements are well highlighted and sorted all throughout the page, the user is automatically attracted towards the content.

4. Be Different

No matter what you choose, there might be another 1000 sites blogging about the same. Your content has to stand out on the Digital Media space. Never copy ideas, because blogging is all about originality.

These days’ agencies are hiring people to either write blogs for them or mention the brands on their blog. The future of blogging has already been predicted, from logs to fully-dedicated pages on the digital front, blogging is the best form of brand advertising.

Blogging is expanding every second of the day, are you?