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India accounts for 14% of the world’s textile production, making our fashion industry ripe with opportunities for both start ups and long established brands. On top of that, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s constant pushing of both #MakeInIndia and #DigitalIndia campaigns are enough incentives to ride the digital fashion bandwagon.


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Indian designers have just started using social media, which is utilized very subtly for publicity and promotional purposes. But the future of fashion retailing is on the Internet, especially with the continuous growth of smartphone dependence. Boutiques and shopping malls are just a tiny drop in the fashion ocean.

Here at Digit 9.0, we have a simple and effective five point plan to make your brand shine in the darkest of the darkest corners of the Internet:

1. Compelling Content

takemymoneyDare to be yourself instead of following the herd like sheep

The first thing you need is compelling content that is true to your brand. What does that include? Engaging, informative, beautiful (it’s fashion after all) and most importantly consistent branding copy, videos and imagery. Did you know about 51% of social media users will visit your store if a discount is publicized! Thus, your digital campaign has to align with your off-line one so you avoid looking like a fool or confusing customers.

2. Make The Most Of SEO

caa780591b4ad78941ce1c84f13032a4SEO is just as vital as T.V or radio advertising

SEO or search engine optimization is often not the made the most of by brands. A tool like soovle will enable you to decipher what users are searching for and queries related to that search. For example, if you search fashion in the search box, the Amazon results will show that fashion jewelry and fashion tape are highly searched for. The more specific you go with the search query, the more specific your findings will be!

3. Spend Some To Make Some

kareenaSeems legit?!

With new website designing tools that are free and require no coding knowledge cropping up every day, you will be tempted to scrimp. But getting a professional on board will not only make your e-commerce website look as good as it should but will free up your time to do your favorite thing – designing fashionable outfits.

4. Ask Fans To RT/Share


It’s fans who make you go viral

Social media posts are not just for viewing but are for sharing too! This ups a brand’s trust factor and may make your post go viral. Asking explicitly your fans to pin, favorite, share, RT or like will increase your engagement rate and help you know what’s working and what’s not. Incentivizing with a competition or giveaway also helps matters. Moreover, being nice by following back fans will make you more memorable and seem human!

5. Be Besties With Key Influencers & Celebrities

deepikaEk chutki sindoor…

This goes without saying but having a public conversation on twitter with Deepika Padukone or tagging her on your Instagram post will expose your brand’s name to 11.6 million people worldwide, yes really that many people!!

Therefore, designers would be wise to gear themselves for long term growth and embrace all things digital like we help our clients do.

fashion info-graphOr else they would risk fading away.

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