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How to promote your Local Business on Google

Some of the most prominent questions of the digital age are – “how do I promote my local business online?” OR “Is it worth the effort to have an active online presence?” The answer is simpler than one might think. There are many tools and strategies that Google provides in order to make your digital marketing activities simpler and cost effective!

local business on google
Promote local business on Google

We have compiled a list of tips which will highly benefit your local business and you explain you about how to use Google tools for the betterment of the same

Google Business Page

Local Business with google
Google Business Screenshot

If you want people to easily search any information for your business and find exactly that, from either Google search box, maps or Google+, then Google my business is the place to be at. It is a free tool for easily managing and controlling your digital presence and show everything. Right from photos, contact information, reviews, to the description of your local business, the way you intend it to!Local Business

Call only Campaigns

For you to reach a huge audience, it is not absolutely essential to have a complete Adwords campaign. Paid search i.e SEM is also a very good tool, as it shows your ads on top of the search results. This way you can appeal to a targeted audience without much effort and also measure your results easily. Additionally, for local businesses, phone calls are a huge part of the business. Whether you’re running a restaurant and customers call in to make reservations or you are a retail store and potential customers call for store hours. 70% of mobile searches call directly from the search results hence call only campaigns are a very good starting point to kick off your digital marketing game.

Provide Contact Information

Contact for Local Business on google
Contact for Local Business

Even when you are not launching a call only campaign, focus on driving traffic to your store by adding your contact information and address. It is imperative to add your address. From the Google Adwords, use all ad extensions that are relevant to your business as it elevates the presence of your ad whit regards to SERPs and motivates your leads to visit as they have your location & phone number at their disposal. Other recommended ad extensions are including callout extensions and site link in order to showcase special offers & discounts active in your shop, it additionally helps to link the other pages that are important on your site like the “contact us” page! Please note that your AdWords accounts should be linked to your Google My Business account in order to add local extensions.

Accurate Targeting 

Ensure not to target an area that is too small or too big. People don’t like to travel far to make their purchases. But luckily, there is no single way to when it comes to targeting a storefront. In case you have more than one storefront then you can create identical campaigns, make your changes as per the requirements of the new location to text & keywords, and target various locations separately.

These were a few points to keep in mind and follow to establish a better digital presence for your local business and the best part about them is that most are free of cost!

So what are you waiting for? Make sure to take advantage of Google tools and stay ahead of the curve!

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