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Which Social Media personality are you?

Bonjour social media addicts! Various platforms of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, etc. are our playgrounds! We spend our maximum time on these platforms and while doing so we all interact with various kinds of personalities. What peps up things is the way we interact with them and what we get in return. Interacting with different types of personalities is very important to a marketer. Judging the personality in a perfect manner and telling a story which engages and enlightens the audience and makes your brand more visible to them.

Social Media
Social Media Personality

With Social media having a huge effect on the mindset of a person, it is very important to put out the right message to the right audiences. This can make or break your brand and therefore, we share our comprehensive list of the personalities you may encounter in the digital world.

The Social Butterfly

These are literally the social bees of the digital world. They have a contagiously happy profile picture and believe in letting the entire world know about themselves with their epically descriptive profile. They are constantly on all the social media and keep on updating something or the other on all of them. They are almost everywhere. They are seen liking random ads, pages, creating chatting groups and talking on them and creating FB pages, constantly tweeting, Instagramming, snap chatting answering random questions, and the list is almost endless! They are easily accessible, and this makes them an important focus group. Such people have great influence on people around them and that makes them really resourceful. They are very expressive and hence keep on voicing their opinion publicly and always speak what is inside their head. If you see or get one of these buffs sharing your post or recommending your product or something like that, then that can be a great boost to your brand and product!

Not so Social being

Reserved is the word that describes them the best. They secretly observe all the meme trends and quietly giggle at the funny ones. They are socially reluctant digital beings who do not want to be disturbed whatsoever. They usually don’t prefer to keep their own picture as the display picture. They have a habit of closely examining every aspect of a person’s online profile before meeting them, and are well known to do a complete research on that person but sometimes are also confused with stalkers or creepy. Along with that, they are very hard to please. In spite of having such a tough-to-please personality they genuinely appreciate someone’s work if it is worth the appreciation. They like or share your creative work/ad/meme/GIF/whatever if it is creative. So ATTENTION marketers, if they share your post, you have succeeded in life and your work is genuinely amazing. Just quit your job and go look for the eternal truth!! 😛

The Social Nurturer

These are the kind of people who are super attached to their work! They don’t see a difference between a Sunday and a Monday. Only one thing makes them realize that it is a Monday, and that is when they see #MondayMotivation trending on twitter. These people get super excited while motivating others. They ask many questions and also spam you with motivational videos, quotes, and blogs. They strongly believe in bringing out the best in others and nurture their potential aspect. This category of digital beings is Youtube addicts. Popular & conscientious they generally have page/pages on Facebook on social causes. As a brand, you should always give back to the society, and as a marketer, you should help spread the giveback message using the Social Nurturer. In fact, all marketers should be social nurturers first.

The Social Sleeping Beauties


Social Sleeping Beauties are the kind of people who are very relaxed and they never fold their blanket because sleep is divine. They are super active for an entire week or two and will take help from various post scheduling tools but then will disappear all of a sudden. These people serve as an example for everyone else about how inconsistent posting on social media is a bad habit. Besides that, they have a whole lot of fake accounts, multiple profiles, pages, etc. Such people are also very particular about their opinions and will comment mean things if something is in conflict with their worldview, so you better be good with your ORM (Online Reputation Management).


The Social Inspirer

This personality can be simply defined as vigorous! They work hard and play harder. They are very straight forward people who never interfere with other people’s life. These personalities are the ones who set a benchmark for all the other above stated personalities and also inspire them. They live from the heart and do not believe in letting their mind rule over their heart! Always striving to be the best, they do not need any kind of motivation, as they are self motivated! They are the trendsetters in the world of social media! They just go with the flow and follow their heart. Marketers usually reach out to them directly by simply asking them what they have to offer, as they are not your customers/audiences but the idea machines who can provide you with resourceful insights about things you never knew existed. They have a different outlook towards various situations on various things and they literally are out of the box!

So which personality are you?

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